StockTaker - Handheld Barcode Scanner
for MEDITECH Materials Management

MEDITECH Materials Management

StockTaker is a handheld barcode scanning application used with the Materials Management Module of MEDITECH's software. StockTaker for MEDITECH allows you to perform MEDITECH stock take procedures wirelessly with accuracy and efficiency. We support various handheld devices with barcode scanning capabilities allowing you to easily scan product and inventory barcodes for quick data capture.

  • Automatically generates the MEDITECH transmission document containing the stock take information to be uploaded into MEDITECH
  • Allows for stock taking to take place at remote facilities and for this information to be transmitted back to an on-site or off-site data center.

Download our StockTaker Brochure or learn more about StockTaker.

StockTaker Scheduler - Schedule Stock Taking Days

StockTaker Scheduler is a web-based application that allows for the creation and viewing of StockTaker schedules. These schedules can be used to specify the day of the week on which one or more carts are to be included in a stock take. These schedules can be viewed by Materials Management personnel to identify the cart lists that need to be extracted from MEDITECH software to perform their stock take. Learn more

StockTaker is certified compatible with handheld barcode scanners from:

  • Authorized Honeywell Dealer
  • Authorized Motorola Dealer
  • Authorized Intermec Dealer
 Supported Handheld Devices
Motorola Symbol MC55-HC, MC75

Zebra Motorola Symbol

Symbol MC55, MC55-HC and MC75
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Honeywell Dolphin 70E

Honeywell Dolphin

Honeywell Dolphin 70e Black, 7900, 9500 and 9900
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Intermec CN3


Intermec CN4, CN50 & CN70
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03 Feb 2016
Now available for all StockTaker customers. The Quantity Warning feature in StockTaker 2.7.6 warns users when a quantity on hand entry is greater then your preset limit. It's easy to
09 Jul 2014
Now available for all StockTaker customers is the improved scanning workflow for the Patient Issue transaction. The Patient Quick Count feature eliminates the need for keying quantity value
19 Jun 2013
StockTaker Cloud Server is now available! StockTaker Cloud Server enables zero-impact deployment of the StockTaker infrastructure. StockTaker Cloud Server alleviates the need to setup, conf